Collecting the recurring payments for your dance school are no sweat with PaymentHub

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Find out why more than 230 fitness centres and sporting clubs use PaymentHub for their direct debit payments

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More than 500 personal trainers trust PaymentHub to streamline their direct debit collections.

Cash is King, When it’s Automated!

It’s a fair assumption that a career in the Fitness Industry would mean you’re destined not to be desk-bound. Further to this, it should mean that tedious administration tasks play a very minor role in your life.  Many Personal Trainers continue to complicate their lives by using multiple methods of payments to collect fees. Despite [...]

Has this year’s #1 Fitness Trend HIIT the nail on the head?

Staying at the top of your client’s priority list is an eternal battle as a trainer- you keep evolving your training and your client’s lives keep getting busier. So what’s the solution? This year’s number 1 on the Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2014 may just be the answer! HIIT involves short bursts of high-intensity exercise [...]

“Show me the money” – 3 things to know about banks, debits, and public holidays

As many of us emerge from the Christmas and New Year festivities, there is often a flurry of activity at the beginning of January as the gears of business creak back into motion, and the ebb and flow daily life gathers rhythm once again. For small business owners, the first cab off the rank is [...]

Keep your Clients this Christmas!

Don’t Lose Clients this Festive Season! Stop selling packs. You do not want to be competing with Christmas purchases- because you probably won’t win. Having your clients on consistent payments means that you have a much better chance of being budgeted into the silly season, rather than out of it. If you’re going away for [...]

Judging a book by its keeper – Why bookkeepers love PaymentHub

Bookkeepers are often the unsung heroes of small business. A bookkeeper is charged with keeping a watchful eye over a business’ books. They must make sure that bills are paid, staff are paid, invoices are issued, and the petty cash balances (a source of endless frustration in many offices). In short, they are invaluable to [...]

Survival of the Fittest- Maximise your Marketing!

In this saturated Fitness industry, I think the following quote is significant: ‘You can become a millionaire by doing anything… as long as you’re willing to be better than everyone else at it’ So I guess the question is, how? We’ve compiled a list of 3 PT business tips you’ve probably heard before- but are [...]

PaymentHub Analytics – up here for thinking

There’s an ageing factoid floating around that is endlessly trotted out to any small business owner, or potential small business owner, or anyone who happens to mention “small business” – one in seven small businesses fail within first five years. The exact statistics of this idea range from accurate to apocryphal depending on the economy, [...]

Auto-magic: automation for businesses great and small.


Ever been accused of “being on auto-pilot”? This expression is often hurled at people who have flubbed something to which they should have been paying more attention. When you run a business of your own, the number of things you need to keep an eye on can be endless. You could be routinely deprived of [...]

The “Social” lives of small business

As the Digital Age marches on, the imprint of social media has been made on the psyche of many, if not most, of us. Social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook are a synonymous with the digital age of today as the fax machine and pocket pagers were with the early nineties. As the [...]

Burn It Off Fitness – Resilience In The Industry At PaymentHub, we are committed to helping you grow your business.  We are fortunate that through our day to day work, we are constantly hearing success stories of how our systems are being used to help people manage their businesses.  This is particularly true of the [...]

Credit cards – to debit or not to debit.

Credit cards have become a factor of everyday expenses for many people. Banks offer a slate of different cards and card types. Credit cards are accepted as one of the most common forms of payment, and brands like VISA and American Express have become household names in the western world. For consumers, credit cards are [...]

Imperium Personal Training – a PaymentHub Success Story

  Over 600 PT’s nationwide currently form part of our PaymentHub fitness community. In interacting with our Trainers, we’ve been fortunate enough to witness their businesses grow from strength to strength. One of these businesses is Imperium Personal Training and Nutrition. Imperium joined PaymentHub last year and has expanded rapidly in this time. Imperium share [...]

Top 5 Must-Know Factoids for PaymentHubbers

Direct Debit, the Payment Industry and Everything As PaymentHub continues to grow and improve its payment solution for businesses around Australia, there are some common things that all of our billers want to know. These are the must-know facts about direct debit, collecting payments, online payment systems, bank account information, dealing with documentation – all [...]

Action Templates – A Custom-fit Direct Debit Solution

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Many users of direct debit encounter the frustration of not having enough control over what happens with their payments, or what is sent to their customers: default fees, terse and unfriendly messages, these are symptoms of a direct debit system that doesn’t allow businesses to keep control over how they present themselves to their customers. [...]

Increase your Conversion in 4 Easy Steps

  We’ve been speaking to our Top PT’s and listening to how they have built their business from the ground up into thriving operations. Here are 4 hot tips to improve your conversion rates and increase your client base!     1. Don’t make it about you!   Every Personal Trainer will understand the importance [...]

PaymentHub’s E-DDRs – 3 good reasons for a paperless direct debit system

PaymentHub has been all about helping small business work smarter to achieve their goals. In the digital age of wireless technology and instant access to information, we wanted to know how to make our service better, so we asked the people who knew best – our billers. Here are the 3 top reasons why PaymentHub has developed Electronic Direct Debit Request forms to complete their paperless Direct Debit system:

Boot Camps Under Fire

The Personal Training industry is a survivor; constantly evolving and adapting to meet the demands of its consumer. This fighting spirit is illustrated in the recent explosion of Boot Camps and Group Training whose army of participants can often be seen zigzagging amongst the trees of public parks and unsettling sand along Australia’s famous coastlines.

Successful Small Businesses Work Smarter, Not Harder

An adage bandied about by carpenters past and present is a fitting one for the world of small business. The axiom of “measure twice – cut once” is the tradie’s version of saying “don’t think so – know so”. This sagely advice is echoed in remarks of the newly-appointed Australian Small Business Commissioner Mark Brennan.

Return of the Stone Age

Working in the fitness business, you are exposed to a barrage of dieting crazes.  The industry is constantly tripping over itself in a bid to uncover the holy grail of ‘eating right’. But in this race to evolve our understanding of nutrition and its’ effects on our bodies, have we overlooked our own evolution?

Direct Debit – Rules of Engagement

For almost a decade, PaymentHub has been providing direct billing solutions for small businesses of just about all shapes and sizes. Having control over customers’ payments and streamlining cash flow have been top priorities for our billers. Since direct debit started to emerge in the marketplace in the 1990s, it has become an essential method of payment for businesses, and has helped to simplify the finances of people who don’t like to worry about bills or overdue accounts. With this freedom to debit bank accounts and credit cards on a regular basis came the need to protect against misuse, and so some rules needed to be hashed out.

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